VENTURE BEAT: Comeback Cities tour takes politicians, venture capitalists to tech startups in the South

Sherrell Dorsey was one of the startup founders to meet with the Comeback Cities group when they came to Charlotte. Dorsey is the president and CEO of Blktech Interactive, a Charlotte tech hub focused on growing and developing entrepreneurs of color, and founder of The Plug, a daily newsletter covering founders and innovators of color in tech. She said that she and other founders spoke with the venture capitalists about the challenges involved in fundraising in Charlotte.

While access to capital is still an issue in Charlotte, the more acute issue is getting access to angel investors — many of whom didn’t make their money in startups — who understand the proper trajectory a startup needs to take.

“Either investors are way too conservative or they want a lot more equity for the very limited amount of money they’re willing to invest,” Dorsey said.

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